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Two sites one church.

North Road and Elvet Methodist Churches in the
city centre of Durham are pooling resources

Our Aims

Our churches are working together and we are deliberately aiming to grow. We are moving towards become one church working on two sites. Each church has a varied history and has had an impact on the community from their unique voice and perspective.

The Methodist Church is proud of its history and contributions to issues of
– social justice,
– lifting up the minority voice,
– standing up to worldly power with truth, love and care,
– and to inviting all voices to hear each other around a common table.


As churches we intend to share our resources, our buildings, our leaders to reach out to others more widely to join our common table.

We hope to discern what God is saying to us today. The scriptures are primary in discovering God’s voice and their interpretation is as varied as the number of people that read them. Your voice will help us to get closer to what God is wanting for now and our future.

The pandemic experience has given people more time with their thoughts than ever before. Some people have been asking the really big questions. Our shared aim is to invite people with different points of view to join us around the table to explore together where the answers may be found.

Scripture, reason, tradition and experience is our four-pronged approach to this conversation. It is helpful to have a Spiritual language to discuss Spiritual issues. Our aim is to help you find your voice at a common table where all are welcome.

We aim to work together to build, from our collected strength, new ways of reaching out to you and to others, to share the way we discuss Spiritual things and to seek understanding of God’s voice together.


Christians seek to follow the example of Christ Jesus more and more closely. We call this discipleship. We aim to help people grow as disciples.
– We aim to help the church membership to grow in number.
– We aim to help our gatherings whether worship or any other meeting to grow in the sharing of love and joy.
–  We aim to help those often overlooked in society and we want to do this actively and supporting partner groups that are working to help those with the greatest needs.

As we aim to help us all grow inwardly, we also aim to grow in number, but we do not aim to convert your thoughts to our way of thinking. We want to share openly with the voice you bring to the table and together we can grow as disciples of Christ.

Methodist Superintendent
Durham and Deerness Valley Circuit
07798 932762